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“Gavin and Peter offer fundamental and practical insights into design thinking for those of us passionate about crafting experiences for people.” Daniel Yates, Product Designer at ThoughtWorks, Australia

“The authors do a great job at breaking down the core parts of UX and making them easily digestible. A worthy addition to the bookshelf of anyone looking to break into the field of UX.” Chris Gibbons, Principal UX Developer at Auto Trader, UK

“Allanwood and Beare’s book does what it sets out to do: it is basic but informative. It packs theory, case studies, interviews, techniques and exercises in to one small book. The theories are kept simple but introduced to show how UXD has developed and continues to evolve as an area of professional practice. The examples and techniques introduced are practical and they can easily be applied to everyday design problems. I found it an easy read and it’s a pleasure to renew some of the basics, even for a seasoned UXD designer. I won’t be taking it to any parties, but I’ll certainly be recommending it to anyone who asks what it is a User Experience Designer does all day.” Qin Han (2016) User Experience Design: Creating Design Users Really Love, The Design Journal, 19:4, 691-694, DOI: 10.1080/14606925.2016.1180048

“Although user experience design (UXD) is now a familiar refrain, this volume by Allanwood and Beare should engage even the most jaded readers. Using a highly visual, interactive approach, it provides a stimulating process-oriented overview with colorful illustrations. Focusing on digital media design, the authors introduce basic concepts for novice readers while providing details on user research, design methods, and the design process that will enrich more experienced individuals. User behavior based on such aspects as emotional response and memory, design aspects of usability, and design methods such as personas, storyboards, and card sorting are only a few of the topics covered in this work…” 'CHOICE'

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Allanwood, G & Beare, P (2019)
User Experience Design - A Practical Introduction
ISBN: 9781350021709
(Basics Design Series) Bloomsbury Visual Arts
Cover illustration by Romualdo Faura.

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