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Basics Design: User Experience Design by Allanwood and Beare 2nd Edition - Publication May 2019 - Page 110

User Experience Design

A Practical Introduction

This website is a companion to the printed and digital versions of our book. If you are learning about User Experience Design (UX) there are a lots of good reasons to sign-up and access all the content for free.

Our approach to User Experience Design is fundamental and open. It is not hampered by considering just a few elements of a design production process. It looks to discover the wider experience of the people who designers expect to use their work. It is a gentle manifesto that encourages new designers to develop empathic thinking, recognise when user error is really a design fail and to engage in genuine user research.

Think of it as a creative challenge. Make people happy.

The new edition is available from May 16th, 2019

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User Experience Design - A Practical Introduction
Written by Gavin Allanwood and Peter Beare
Published by Bloomsbury Visual Arts
in the series: Basics Design
ISBN: 978-1-3500-2170-9
Cover illustration by Romualdo Faura