Learning Activities

Learn by doing!

Our book features 12 practical activities. Two in each chapter, a short one and a slightly longer one. We know from first edition feedback from university teachers that these really help to engage and stimulate students who are new to the topic. Most of the activities require little more than a pen and paper. For some activities the ideal situation is to work in a group and to reach out to potential design stakeholders.

The activities help new designers to broaden their design thinking. They show how a range of relatively simple methods can give confidence and certainty, steering the design approach in the right direction.

Students can take their first step in applying the skills and techniques required for different UX Design roles. The diverse skills associated with the activities include creative thinking, iterative design and quantitative research.

The first two activities in the book are pre-released here so that you can have an idea of what to expect. If you are interested in seeing the others then sign-up and we'll let you know when they become available.